We’re going to Jim Thorpe

JimThorpe.jpgFor people who live somewhere besides Eastern PA, the fact that we’re going Jim Thorpe might sound weird. Isn’t he dead? Yes, but his name lives on in a small town somewhere in the coal region of Pennsylvania. It used to be called Mauch Chunk, but legend has it that after the coal dried up, the town started to die. City fathers were looking around for ideas on what to do to keep people interested. Some strange person suggested they rename the city after a famous Olympic star. A few people thought that was the dumbest thing they’d ever heard, but some of the more powerful liked the idea. They outvoted the lesser members and wound up purchasing the name from the Thorpe family. Apparently their ploy worked. The town is now a thriving artist colony which means it has a huge tourist trade. With a film festival and A Perfect You is going. June 8-11, 2017.

I’ll be taking a break from fund raising for Traffic Opera to attend. I’m looking forward to it. Jim Thorpe is a beautiful little town with an actual working train that will take you for a ride through the mountainside.

In the meantime, consider helping out with the Traffic Opera fundraising. We’re looking to raise $3000 at the moment. Not all of it at once. Don’t panic, we love little increments. We take everything: unmarked twenties, queer three-dollar bills. You got it, we’ll take it.. And we have an anonymous donor matching funds, so for every ten bucks you donate, we get twenty. Do give us a hand. It’s tax deductible.