A Perfect You now available on Vimeo


The festival run for A Perfect You is over. It now needs to see the light of day. And so we’re putting it out on Vimeo.

Somewhere along the way the film was picked up by a broadcast entity but then they never broadcast it. A glitch in the contract says we can distribute it any way we want but we can’t give it away for free. So we’re selling it. It’s really cheap. 99 cents to rent and a $1.99 to buy. That’s as low as Vimeo lets us go.

Check out the story of Nell and her perfect world. She eats perfectly, sleeps perfectly, cleans her house perfectly. One day she forgets to pluck a gray hair. You guessed it, her perfect world falls apart. Watch what happens.

Music by Chris Heslop featuring Alex Meixner and Benny Sims. Starring Rashieda Awan who won best actress in a short in the 2016 Southampton UK Film Festival.