Chris Duffy holding court

Chris Duffy is so cool,  I interviewed him. Here’s what he had to say.

Sue: Chris, how did we meet?

Chris: I met you when I came to your house to help pick up items for the film.

Sue: Actually I met you when you auditioned for the part, but we didn’t really talk much. We really got to know each other much better when we picked up that bed from Marge’s house. How did you hear about the audition in the first place?

Chris: My friend Laura Kruse told me.

Sue: Who I need to interview for this since she wound up being a PA on one of the shoot days. Thanks for reminding me. How did you get into acting?

Chris: When I was a little boy, age 9 or 10, I saw a local theater company do a production of THE KING AND I.  Something inside me said  ” I must do that.” I have been acting ever since.

Sue: So what are some of your favorite roles?

Chris: The King.  KING AND I.  R P MuRphy. ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST.  King Arthur.  CAMELOT.

Sue: You actually ended up getting the part that originally inspired you. How great is that! What have you done filmwise?

Chris: Nothing prior to your short.  But I’ve done several T.V. commercials and small roles in the Television series HACK with David Morris.

Sue:: Which do you like better: film or stage?

Chris: I suppose I enjoy stage work more. If for no other reason then the instant gratification of the audience’s reactions. There is nothing like getting an audience sitting on the edge of their seats wondering….”What’s gonna happen next?”

Sue: I agree. Film has a lot of advantages, but there is nothing like a live audience for a performer. Instant gratification. What do you do in our lonely Reading outpost to get acting work, either on stage or in film?

Chris: Keep my eyes and ears open. Network through friends and read current newsprint.

Sue: What newsprint?

Chris: Mostly entertainment sections of papers, announcing this or that audition.

Sue: The Reading Eagle?

Chris: Yes. Stuff like that.  I really have not been able to pursue it like I would like.   But am thinking about trying to jump in all the way.

Sue: Very cool, Chris. Any last words before we wrap up?

Chris: Do not ask God for that big break.  Pray rather that your passion for the art of acting never subsidizes.

Sue: Excellent advice. Here’s hoping your passion never subsides. Thanks for being a part of A Perfect You!