Nell lives a perfect life. One day she spots a gray hair. All hell breaks loose until she fixes that egregious imperfection.


Run time: 10:10
Country of origin: USA
Year completed: 2016
Aspect: 16.9
Format: HD




Rashieda Awan
Celeste Allen
Dave Weidler
Barry Tangert
Chris Duffy
Bruce Clifford


Director                                                              Sue Lange
Assistant Director                                           Andrew Pochan
Director of Photography                               Sebastian Nieves
Assistant Camera                                            Steven Arias
Producer                                                             Santo D. Marabella
Executive Producer                                         Tracy Schott
Editor                                                                   Sebastian Nieves
Line Producer                                                    Demitri Aziphat
Gaffer                                                                   Jeff Walker
Key Grip                                                              Tom Birch
Sound                                                                   Earl Stepp
Digital Imaging Technician                           Rachel Degler
Make up                                                               Megan Martin
Costumes                                                            Kate Mallow
Props                                                                    Kathie Kustudich
Music Composer                                               Chris Heslop
Music Producer                                                  Bennie Sims
Catering                                                                Camellia Natalini
Script Supervisor                                                Lauren White
Still Photos                                                           Evelyn Szczepanek/Lauren White
Production Assistants                                       Greg Hilbert, Laura Kruse,
Chad Swavely, Annabelle Bechtel
Writer                                                                     Sue Lange



Director’s Statement

Perfection is not only elusive, it might, in fact, be ludicrous. However, chasing after perfection can, but not always, lead us to be the best we’ll ever be.

But take Nell’s case. Seeking after perfection for her was a fool’s errand. Nell’s problem was that she never asked herself what her own definition of perfection was. She just followed someone else’s idea. Her pursuit of perfection could only end in tragedy.

Fortunately Nell missed a beat. One little flaw went uncorrected. She did not follow the rules set out by the deity who wrote the book. And the thing about perfection? It’s a total package. Either you are or you aren’t. One little flaw and perfection’s house of cards falls.

I think that’s the lesson Nell learned. Sure, that flaw finally got corrected and everything fell back into place, but what Nell saw when she was in the depths of insurrection was the light of life. She discovered that you cannot program your life to be perfect. The sterility will kill you. And even though she wound up with a gun to her head, that moment of clarity when she saw the light was a glimpse into the happiness her life clearly lacked.

She pondered all that in the shower when she got home. And afterwards she saw the seeds of her destruction had been sown in the invectives published in the Book of Rules. And so out the window it went. Litterbug.



Sue Lange (director) is a novelist, playwright, and screenwriter. Her short story, Jump, was published in the UK magazine, Premonitions, and then turned into a short film in [2011]. She produced a trailer for her story, Princess Dancer (published in Beyond Grimm by BookViewCafe) in 2013. A Perfect You represents her directorial debut. She has four published novels and countless published short stories circulating in the Troposphere.

Tracy Schott (Executive Producer) is a producer/director and founder of Schott Productions, which creates informational videos, live theatrical/event production, television commercials and still photography. Tracy’s administrative experience includes Executive Producer at an independent production company, Director of ReadingFilmFEST, Executive Director of Women’s Counseling Services, and non-profit board administration. Tracy produced the short film Location! Location!  She is the director and writer of the Emmy-nominated Dream Weddings. She recently completed the documentary film, Finding Jenn’s Voice, currently in distribution by Gathr Films Theatrical on Demand.

Santo D. Marabella, MBA, DSW, (Producer) is an author, playwright, filmmaker, speaker and educator who creates, produces and distributes “edu-tainment that makes a difference”.  He is author and producer of a book, musical, short, film and four plays; producer of four short films and a TV pilot; and, director of more than 25 community theatre productions.  His latest projects include the play Getting: COMPLETE! (2014), his film-play, Senior Exploits (2013), and his current project My Dad’s First Dog. Santo is Professor of Management, Moravian College; President, Marabella Entertainment & Education Enterprises LLC; Film Commissioner, ReadingFilm; Co-Founder Greater Reading Alliance of Community Theatres.  His professional memberships include The Lambs, the Dramatists Guild of America, the Theatre Communications Group, the Academy of Management and the National Association of Social Workers.

Sebastian Nieves (Director of Photography/Editor) was introduced to his high school’s TV crew and from that moment on his life changed. His mentor, Matthew Schaeffer, inspired him to create a company and share with the world his passion for telling stories that people can connect with. After being introduced to the Boston music scene, Seba Films was no longer a small idea; it was a reality. He hopes to continue sharing stories with this lovely world of ours.

Andrew Pochan (Assistant Director) is an artist, actor, filmmaker, musician, designer and carpenter. He first met director Sue Lange when working on the Princess Dancer trailer. They became fast friends and artistic collaborators, both having a wide range of talents and interests. She relied heavily on his experience as a film critic and filmmaker during the filming of A Perfect You. His plans for the future include becoming the symbolic catalyst for the new generation of filmmakers, with Hollywood at his feet.

Rashieda Awan (Nell), born and raised in Philadelphia, has studied theatre and film. She has performed on stage, in student and feature films, and won a scholarship to the New York Film Academy. Passion for following her dreams has propelled her ambitions of becoming a successful working actress. She is a graduate of Howard University and currently is working on a television sitcom. Look out for this positive, hard working, lovely lady on the screen!