Steven Arias was our assistant cameraman. I think he was the hardest working person on set. So much so, I hardly got a chance to talk with him. I got to know him a little better by interviewing him. He’s full of life and upbeat energy. I hope we run into each other again sometime just for the sheer positivity of it.

Sue: Steven when did we first meet?

Steven: We met for the first time in Chatty Monks after Sebastian’s photography exhibit at Say Cheese.

Sue: That’s right. You and his brother, Jamie, were both there. And maybe a couple other family members. There’s a lot of people in your tribe. So how did you get involved in this project?

Steven: Sebastian contacted me a few days before the shooting asking me to be his camera assistant.  I flat out said no because I wanted a relaxed Sunday, haha! Saturday night before the shoot he gave me a call again telling me he needed me urgently because he could not find anyone else. I then became part of the crew for an amazing experience! Along with the headaches, and running around, it was a great crew to work with!

Sue: I’m glad it was positive for you. You were so on the job and focused. You worked hard and I was glad he got you involved. How did you get involved with working in film in the first place?

Steven: I have to say, if it wasn’t for Sebas, I would not be involved at all. I have always appreciated film, but did it ever cross my mind I was going to be part of one? Never. Ever since we were 10-year-olds, Sebas and all of our cousins would grab a home video-camera and just shoot. From dunk contests to music videos and kinda grew from there.

Sue: Sounds like your family should set up a production company! Do you plan to go into filmmaking for a living?

Steven: Haha! That would be awesome! But for a living? No, i enjoy it very much but it is just not something I’m passionate about, but, hey, we never know what kind of curve ball life will throw at us!

Sue: So what do you do, then?

Steven: I currently work at East Penn Mfg, but my main focus is personal development to eventually be on top of the world. My life dream is to fly jumbo jets. I want to become a commercial pilot.

Sue: That’s so cool. If you get your pilot’s license, you will be on top of the world for sure! Literally. Good luck with that, for sure. What was the most difficult part of working on A Perfect You?

Steven: I wouldn’t say I had a difficult part, but a very prestigious yet scary part. I say this because handling a camera worth 60k is something many people try to stay away from. I had to make it one of my limbs. Sebastian said, “hold the camera like if it was part of your body.” Now the whole two days were a challenge just for the simple fact that it was my first time doing everything I did.

Sue: Very cool, Steven. You had a good eye while we were shooting. You saw things that I totally missed. Very good, young man.

Steven: Why thank you. I pay very close attention to detail.

Sue: Anything else to say before we wrap up?

Steven: I would love to work with the crew sometime soon! Just because it’s not something I’m pursuing, it doesn’t mean I do it half-assed. I’m a strong believer in the way I do anything, is the way I do everything. And thats 100%. I loved working on this project and thank you for taking the time out to find out a little about me!

Sue: Well, we’ll make sure we do it again!