Tom’s the one on the left.

Tom Birch is an extraordinary technician and an all around good guy. I always feel safer when he’s around. He works mostly in theater, but I’m trying to entice him to the dark side.

Sue: Tom, how did we meet?

Tom: I think we met at an RTP (Reading Theater Project) meeting? I don’t exactly remember.

Sue: Did you work on Speakeasy? I don’t remember either.

Tom: Marriage Expo(sé) was my first RTP project.

Sue: What did you do theater-wise before RTP?

Tom: I was working a lot with Yocum Institute for the arts/primary stages as a stage manager and technical director for a few years. Before that my theatre work was really sporadic.

Sue: Did you learn on the job or did you have a mentor that you apprenticed under to learn how to do the technical work?

Tom: I learned in College. Kutztown University Theatre grad 2006.

Sue: Wow, you’re young! Do you plan on pursuing stage/film work for a living? What are you currently working on theater-wise?

Tom: To an extent I plan on doing stage/film work when I can in the future. Right now I’m stage managing Da Ponte for RTP. So far nothing around here has paid me or been steady enough to make it rational to quit my day job but it seems like I’m not the only one with that problem around this area.

Sue: For sure. Theater in general is a difficult way to make a living. I’m not sure it’s even easy in a place like Philly. How are preparations for the new arrival going?

Tom: Ok so far. We just had the first ultra sound a few weeks ago. Everything looks good so far. We are not going to find out the sex of the baby. We want to keep it a surprise. Otherwise once Beka is done with this school year we can start moving stuff around in the house to make room.

Sue: Are you nervous?

Tom: I’m more stressed about money but as far as actually having a child not so much. I’m from a big family and have been around kids my whole life so that part doesn’t worry me. Beka on the other hand is new to this.

Sue: Well, good luck with that. I look forward to see the little bundle. Thanks so much for being a part of A Perfect You.

Tom: Sure thing! Hope to see you again soon!

Sue: Same to you!