Demitri Aziphat on the job. Photo by Evelyn Szczepanek.

Demi working it. Photo by Evelyn Szczepanek.

This was the first time I worked with Demi. It was a great experience. He kept a cool head while everyone else (i.e. me) was losing theirs. I can’t wait to work with this ambitious and talented young man again.

Sue: So Demitri, how did we meet?

Demi: If my memory serves me right I believe we first met at the West Reading Tavern because you and a group of friends were heading out on a bar crawl and Sebastian invited me to join in on it.

I believe that is the same night of the incident where they would not let me in because my “shirt”.

Sue: Oh yes, that controversy. Where you were wearing a plain short-sleeved shirt and it wasn’t up to their “code” or something. Yeah, I remember that. We ended up at Beverly Hills Tavern or some such. It’s funny to think that you of all people would have gotten caught in something like that. You’re very fastidious. One of the reasons you did so well on the shoot.

Demi: Thank you! I had a lot of fun on the film shoot and I also learned a lot.

I wasn’t always an organized person, but as I grew and matured I realized the importance of it, so you can say it was a skill I developed over time. I truly became a “man of order” when It became apparent to me that my true goal in life was to become an entrepreneur.

Sue: So what are your short-term goals to achieve that?

Demi: My goal is to utilize the knowledge and tactile skills I have/will obtain through various experiences in order to become a highly successful entrepreneur in hopes of one day becoming the President/CEO of my own entertainment production company. During my journey to obtain such stature, I will work nonstop to become adequately versatile in all roles pertaining to entertainment production.

Sue: Very ambitious! I like that. What sorts of things have done so far?

Demi: Besides the “A Perfect You” film, I have been a part of many projects such as creating a promotional  video for a country club. I have helped produce various amounts of music videos for rock bands, individual Hip-Hop and R&B artists. I have produced and acted in my own small videos. In the beginning, I have set up and scheduled multiple photo shoots for local models who were looking to obtain some initial experience. I myself have been a part of a few of my own photos shoots with a variety of themes.

Sue: You’re getting a lot of experience. What types of entertainment do you primarily see yourself working in?

Demi: I see myself working mainly on short skits and sitcoms. At the moment my team and I are looking to produce 5 solid pilot episodes that cover multiple genres, such as: comedy, suspense, drama  and etc. Ideally, once these pilots are completed I have hopes to get them onto any TV network that’s interested in airing the one they love the most.

Sue: I have no doubt that you will be successful. Good luck to you on all that. I’ll be watching your progress. Thanks so much for being a part of A Perfect You.